Monday, January 12, 2009

Missed Ya, Rock Star Ed

We have been having a super time Monday nights running around Zink Lake. Around 12 people ran with us tonight, and what seemed like a windy chilly evening actually turned out to be a very pleasant outing.There is something for everyone. Depending on what bridges you cross, you can get a 2 mile, a 3 mile, or a 4.4 mile loop. Plus, on occasion, you can see the scullers practicing. Tonight, the Tulsa Rowing Club was out in full force.

We ran south, crossed the pedestrian bridge, and ran north on the west bank.Sandra had intended to run 3 miles, but felt great and ran the whole 4.4 with us. Ran strong the whole way.

A nice shot of the Tulsa skyline.

But the highlight of our trip was when we passed the Tulsa Rowing Club garage. The well toned rowing ladies were muscling the kayaks off the horses and storing them away while others were inside stretching. Remembering our missing and beloved runner/friend Ed, I had to capture this up-close moment in the way only a true paparazzi can. I grabbed Bobby, Kathy, and Sandra for backup and asked the "sculler babes" for a picture. They were a little puzzled as to why a middle aged man would want their picture (I can think of several reasons) but since Kathy commandeered the camera, they obliged. Eat your heart out, Ed! Shoulda been there!


coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

sounds/looks like a fun run. i wish i could have gone. i dont know where zink lake is. bobby tried to tell me the other day but i didnt understand. one of these days i would love to join you on a monday. good pics. i had no idea these girls were such cuties. the post title is kind of eerie thou. i thought ed died. :( michael, you should have been home with your sick wife!

T Z said...

Zink Lake is the Arkansas River from where the low water dam is (By the railroad bridge) back to 11th Street. Not really much of a lake, but at least the sculler babes have a place to row.

Cuties? Yes. That's why Ed is all giggly when he sees them.

And no, Ed is not dead. He just needs to come run with us! :)

Sandra said...

Awesome!! I really did have a great night running with ya'll. I will forward the link on to the crew team here at TU!!

simulatedme said...

Hey girls who look cute holding a paddle come and go. The more important thing is, Where did you get that shirt! Jealousy is killing me twice over.