Sunday, January 25, 2009

Holy snotsicles, Batman!

Just when you thought it could not get any colder, winter shows us how stupid that thought is. Saturday morning, it was F..F..F..FREEZING!!
60-70 C..C..CRAZY runners and huddled together for warmth on a day that only a penguin could love.Here's a clue, people. Act like you love each other and share your body warmth!! The small brick building provided just a little break from the wind.

Not sure what yarn Larry was spinning, but he had a captive audience!

Coach Kathy rolled in just after freeing her tongue which was stuck to a steel fence post. A good winter tip....never accept a dare to lick a frozen metal surface when it's below 25 degrees! **************************************************************

Hats and gloves were the preferred attire of the day. My Momma always told me if I kept my head and hands warm that I would not lose my body heat...or something like that.

Apparently, that is what Janeen was told as well.

BRRRR!! I am sure she FROZE her legs though!!! *************************************************************

Whereas Janeen was wearing shorts, Lisa was wearing undershorts.Not sure of exactly how these were supposed to work. I would have guesses maybe another way?....Maybe this was how they were supposed to work!

Finally, after a few minutes of chattering teeth, we were off and running.We ran south, out 4 miles from the Helmerich Park at 73rd and Riverside to Jenks, and then east on the Creek Turnpike trail. A return trip was frigid, running right into the throat of a stiff north wind.

Katy kicks it up a notch on the way back. The sooner she gets back, the sooner Starbucks will have her coffee order!

Just 2 miles from the finish, Sandra is frozen solid in mid-stride. It took 3 cups of hot chocolate to thaw her out!

Always one to break a good sweat, Bobby outdoes himself with a nice outcropping of "sweatsicles!"

After the run, several of our group found their way out of the cold and over to First Watch for a healthy breakfast. 800-1000 calories burned, 1200-1500 calories taken in. Isn't it great to be a runner??


Bobby said...

Amazing how you can sweat even in such frigid temperatures.

deonbean said...

I luv First Watch breakfast!!! YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting to request more pictures of April. She has a couple of running friends in Norman who enjoying checking this blog for April sightings.