Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun on Thursday!!!!!!!!

It would seem the theme this evening was "Dude!!! What up?"
Wade and Rock Star Ed practice their coolness.

ARRR!!! Roman does a great impersonation of a pirate!

But Amanda defines "coolness" with her hair. of life's most amazing anomalies.

Newcomers to the Thursday edition of RunnersWorld....Neely joined us for some training miles. Hope the creepy camera dude did not scare you away! No "coolness" wasted there with that guy!

Photos did not seem to faze Laura though. It is awesome to have new peeps join us.

Carmen and Emily were awarded the bunny slipper. A shame that there is only one. These ladies recently reached a huge milestone...running a mile....5,280 feet non-stop. First of many milestones. Way to go!

Then Brian asked who all was going to Little Rock....and hands went up everywhere. This marathon/half marathon sports a bunch of hills, and a finishers metal that is large enough to serve nachos on. Gotta get me one of those. Simone and cassy are there. Also, not pictured, Chrissie is among the crew making the trip. Hiding among the Arkansas runners is Stephani, who will run the Houston Marathon next weekend. April (on the left) and Ashley will be in Little Rock as well. RunnersWorld will be well represented!

Nice warm night (for January), some good snacks after the run, a Garmin seminar for those gadgetily inclined....and why not? A "CAN YOU SPOT THE PREGNANT PERSON CONTEST!!Have a great weekend everyone!

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Bobby said...

Looks like someone has been playing with photoshop again in that last picture. Or did someone just have too many snacks. I like to eat.