Friday, January 16, 2009

Plan of action.

Coldest temps of the year. But the motto around here: There is no such thing as bad weather....only bad clothes.

This is not the best choice for clothing for a night like last night was. Although Brian wears shorts and a singlet often on the coldest of days, it is a sure bet that he would have worn some running tights (backwards) had he braved the cold temps. (wimp!)

Below, It would first appear that Bobby thought it was Halloween and he was a NINJA! But actually, he was properly layered up and his ears were warm and toasty.
Tatur Dave tried to explain the Saturday route. HOW many hills????

Deon tries his hand at shoe tieing. Seems like a natural to me.

Mukesh is all smiles before the evening frigid run. Seems to me that last time the paparazzi photographed Mukesh, he appeared a grouchy camper.

We welcomed Nicole to our group Thursday night. Hope you keep coming back!!!

OMG look!! It's the RunnersWorld twins!!!

Always willing to pose for a pic, Ronit and Sandra smile for the camera. Jana reluctantly joines in.

Afterwards, a few of us migrated over to Michael and Chrissy's to have some deer chili and make some new signs for the Saturday training group. It is hoped that the signs will help the beginner marathoners, the advanced marathoners, the beginning halfers, the advance halfers, and the Newbies to find their own groups on Saturday. Look for the sign and herd yourself that directions.Jason and Lisa glue and stick letters.


G P? Hmmm....Gross Profit? Grade Point? General Participation? Good Plan??? I vote for Girl Power.
Come Saturday, look for your signs.


Sandra said...

Yeah to you guys for the signs!!! I do have to say though that I think the Beginner Half group has the coolest people and coolest run leaders!!! Thanks Chrissy and Michael!!

Cassy Russell said...

I love the "bad clothes/bad weather" quote, TZ. I had that in mind when dressing for Thurs's bitter cold run and stayed quite warm. Posters look great (even the upside down one).

Bobby said...

Sign Sign everywhere a sign.
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind.
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign.

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Yup, and you tucked all your hair up under your hat....