Monday, August 24, 2009


Several million years from now, archeologists will be on a dig in the region once known as Oklahoma atop a small outcropping of hills and limestone bluffs 4 miles west of the Arkansas river....a recreational area once called Chandler Park. There, after much digging, they will make a discovery that will baffle the experts. A area of soil not native to the area that apparently was a burial ground for rubber soled shoes.This burial ground almost claimed MY shoes last Saturday night in the 2nd annual MUD RUN! (Not to mention almost losing my watch, wig, and skirt!)
The race started with a quarter mile of nice asphalt....enough for the crowd to thin out somewhat, and enough time to get you thinking about possibly a good time. (Who has ran a 2-mile race anyway? A PR was a certainty!) First hiccup in the run was a couple of haystacks to climb over. No problemo. (I would insert picture of hay bales here, but was way to smart to carry a camera with me on this run!) Then, came the first of the mud pits. A smallish one....should not be much of a hindrance, right? WRONG!!!This mud hole was the worst! Can you say SHOE SUCK? I was up to my knees with a vacuum sucking me under. These guys were in a frantic search for their Nikes, and I am sure hey are still under the surface to this day. I witnessed many people running with no might wonder if that was intentional, but I saw several running with ONE shoe. At least they got out alive! The 3rd obstacle was a field of tires, and both times through these, I used them to knock a few pounds of sticky foot-weight from my trail shoes. A quick crawl under a wooden structure through some sandy mud was not all that bad. The sand had packed and the going was easy. The second trip through was a cakewalk. Then, it was back down the road the way we came, clear through the starting line and around a small hill in back of where the band SEXTION 8 was playing, and then another hairpin turn to the cruelest of obstacles.A wall of tires that you had to crawl through. Now many of the prissier runners (and you know and we know who you are) tiptoed through with stiff arms and legs, keeping their precious torsos clean. But most of us did a full body immersion in the mud. Then came the water slide. Several local firemen kept a steady rush of water keeping the slide slick, and of course this added to the depth of the mud at the bottom. Great fun, but there were some unflattering moments such as the one had by this poor lady.

Lots of good fortune was in store for those who finished the race. First off, since there were 3 heats, this was a very huge spectator event. More good fortune: every runner got not one but two free beers, and it was not the watered down cheap stuff. Sandra Wright acquired 6 kegs from Midtown Liquor, and this was some of the best beer I've ever had, even though I had to use the first drink as mouthwash to get the mud out of my mouth. And still more good fortune: there were water hoses to knock some of the mud from our bods before we had to get into our cars. And more good fortune abounds for Joe, who gets to handle the hosing duties.

Officer McGinnis supervises 4 convicts who had a weekend pass to attend this event.

Mud devils!

BOMBs are not afraid of a little mud!

When Harry met Sally.

This years Mud Run was a huge success. I am still digging out crust from my ears, navel, and well....other places. Thanks to all who ran, spectated, and especially those who volunteered. Almost 1000 people enjoyed the fun this year, and we raised a boatload of $$$ for the Burn Camp. I am betting there are more Mud Run pictures on Facebook than there has been for any other race in Tulsa, EVER.


simulatedme said...

I dig dirty blondes!

gotta go I so forgot about checking my belly button

Sandra said...

I just want to send a shout out to the entire Mud Run Committee who all helped get this event together....Yeah for getting it done and doing it well..

Susan Michaels said...

I truly had a good time! I enjoyed helping out and seeing all the fun everyone was having.
I am just sorry that Dr. Z. got injured. Dr. Z. hope you get well soon.

Bobby said...

What a blast that was. I hope to come to this event every year. I enjoyed pumping my share of the six kegs of beer and drinking one or two myself.