Friday, September 11, 2009

TZ's Top Thirteen

There are so many reasons to do the Turkey and Taturs Trail Race this Sunday.

In fact, here are TZ's TOP Thirteen reasons to run in the dirt this Sunday morning!

13. You were a slacker and slept in Saturday missing your scheduled long run.

12. All your friends are doing it (OK, maybe not ALL of them, but the COOL ones are!)

11. You need new shoes, but those ones you have been running in for the past 3 months still have a little wear in them. Turkey and Taturs will push them over the edge and you can buy new ones guilt-free!

10. Never ran a 25K before?? You're guaranteed a PR!

9. Good food at the finish line. No, make that GREAT FOOD!

8. Great Tech shirts. See picture below of the 1st 3 years shirts. This years shirt will be navy blue, and is a Brooks Podium shirt....guaranteed to be your favorite running shirt (At least until next years 6-Hour Snake Run.)

7. Finishers awards for all, and age group awards 3 deep.

6. Rainy season has drowned all the ticks!! My tick count is less than half of what it was this time last year!!

5. No chance in hell of having to see Roller Blade Guy!

4. Best aid stations EVER!
3. Proceeds benefit the West Side YMCA and helps send kids to summer campp.

2. Like the Mud'll love 31 miles of it!

And the #1 reason to run the Turkey and Taturs 50K/25K/10K: Trail Running will get in your blood and change your life forever!


Deborah said...

YEAH!! No roller blade guy!

Susan Michaels said...

I agree we do have the best aid stations tee hee hee. I think props goes to you TZ, Brian & Kathy for working so hard to put this together and to everyone else that helps out. I really enjoy working the aid staion and getting to see all the muddy, dirty runners that stop by our tent.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm going to RW later this morning and register for the 10K.