Monday, August 10, 2009

Notes from T Z

Due to an alarm clock operator malfunction, I got about an extra hour of sleep Saturday morning, and to make any kind of a showing at all, I rode my bike over the same route that most of the group was running.This gave me a chance to get a lot of pictures although pictures of runners running the other way while I was pedaling spelled fuzzy shots and I only ended up with a handful of so-so captures. Jason has his group churning out a great pace. I wonder if he is maybe 3 seconds ahead of the correct pace though.

Would like to know this guys story. Anyone know why he runs shoeless?

I might have been mistaken, but I swear I saw Coach Kathy running a few steps!!

There were reports of a hot blond flashing dual revolvers along the Riverside trail. She likes to have her picture taken too.'re such a ham!

There was some weird stuff going on out on the river trail Saturday. There was a deranged woman running along the river screaming at people that they were MURDERS! Now the paparazzi would have LOVED to have gotten a picture of this lady, an artist's rendition will have to suffice. Lisa was screamed at while crossing the pedestrian bridge, and Terry and Becky took a dose of her wrath later on the east trail. Anyone know what her story was? I suspect some schizophrenia.

A common sight along the river is Rollerblade Guy. He got a good workout Saturday morning, evidently going end-to-end, and even skated on the westside trails.

Is it me, or could Brian and Rollerblade guy be brothers? It was this pondering (and me scrolling backwards on my camera while riding) that led to a bike wreck. I was looking at the last two pics to see how feasible it would be to photo-shop Brian's head on the skater-dude, when I almost ran into an older lady riding her bike. Yes, I was right in her path like a dumb dumb. I made a quick swerve and avoided the collision, and then while getting back onto the trail, still with one hand on the handlebars and one eye on the camera, I got a wheel caught in the groove that the edgers make along the sidewalk, and down I went hard with a thud!Meg was there, right as I fell, and asked if I was ok. I was pretty embarrassed, and Rollerblade guy sidestepped me. Nothing hurt but my pride.And a couple of boo boos on my elbow.

So, what to learn from today? No picture editing while riding! Same goes for texting while bike riding, but that's another story!

Finally, in case you wondered if ANYONE ran last night in the storm....Bobby, Susan, Sandra, Terry, and Tom did!


Deborah said...

That crazy lady called me a murderer too! I thought maybe she was mad because I was "making" my 6 pound Chihuahua run 5 miles with me. Some people seem to think "poor dog"...little do they know she thrives on running. I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one she yelled at. WEIRD!
And you people Monday night--you are out of your mind! :-) I left with the first big lightning bolt. I guess I am a wimp.

Susan Michaels said...

I will never listen to Bobby again. He told me it wasn't going to rain while we were out running. HA! We were like drowned rats by the time we got back to our car after doing 3 miles in the torrential downpour and it felt like a monsoon. Sandra kept telling me that it was an adventure and I kept saying that I didn't like this adventure. I will take running in the snow and sleet anyday over the horrid downpour we endured but on the upside we got our miles in with extra weight from our soaked clothes. have you ever tried walking up the big hill at turkey mountain in a downpour with your clothes weighing a ton. try it sometime it's sure to help you lose a pound or two.
All I can say is thanks Bobby!!!!

Susan Michaels said...

Also I wanted to thank Ken & Dana for bringing us towels to dry off with. I also wanted to say even though the conditions were awful I did enjoy the company of Sandra & Terry on our walk.

Patty said...

I think Brian and Rollerblading guy could be brothers!! Too funny!!

Bobby said...

Running in the rain. Now that is a blast. If you have never done it, I highly recommend it. Rain or shine, we will be out there Monday evenings. We weren't the only nuts. We past several bicycles along the way.

meg said...

There was WAAAYYY too much lightening for me. My luck, it wouldn't kill me, just maim me so I could never run or walk again!!