Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is no new news....just a reminder to NOT MISS the most fun event of the year. This years race features a great new locale, more mud pits, more slides, longer mud pits, deeper mud pits, the music of Sextion 8, free beer, and some of the most outrageous costumes you'll ever see.

shine your shoes,
comb your hair,
put on that new
little running outfit
you just bought
from your favorite
running store,
and come out
and get it MUDDY!

Form a 2 or 5 man team, or run it solo. Either way, you're guaranteed to have fun, and your Mama won't be standing at the back door with a belt in her hand cuz you got all dirty. This time, it's OK.

Still feel a little too prissy to get icky mud all over your sissy little body? Well, come out anyway to watch the mania. Or better yet, we could use volunteers.

See ya there!

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