Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Who is this guy? Oh, I know we all refer to him as Rollerblade Guy, and sometimes some names rated PG-13 and worse, but who is he? What is his story? Does anyone know his name? Anyone strike a short conversation with him....nice day, huh? Hot enough for you? (On second thought, don't think I want to know about that question!)I have heard that someone once said "hey" as they passed, and he just ignored them. Maybe he is deaf? Maybe he has some complex issues?

I think he may be someone famous skating incognito. You never see him without the dark glasses. Could he be someone like Ritchie Blackmore, who some of the older group may remember as the lead guitarist for Deep Purple? Does bear a resemblance.

Or maybe he is really Gene Simmons. Honestly, this dude could pass for the front man for KISS. Scary, huh?

But I still think he may be a long lost brother or cousin to Brian. Of the three choices, I cast my vote to him being related to Head Tatur.

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Bobby said...

I like to refer to him as that California dude. He just looks like he belongs to one of those beach front sidewalks. And isn't Brian from California? They could be related.

Maybe our local paparazzo TZ can stop him sometime and get his story.