Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Include more TURKEY in your diet

Bobby's Bunch has been enjoying the new paved trail at the base of Turkey Mountain for a few weeks now.From 10-15 runners enjoy one of the best kept secrets in Tulsa, at least if you're a runner. Even if it's 100 degrees, the paved trail along the river is a cool place to run. Seriously, it is shady from around 3:30 on, and there is almost always a nice breeze blowing up the river. It's about 2 miles out to a drinking fountain near I-44, and the water in that fountain would be suitable for making a cup of tea and is slightly less than refreshing. Best bet: run with a water bottle.

Now, you can get a double dose of Turkey because our Tuesday night runs have been moved from the desert conditions on the east side at Helmerich park to the urban wilderness playgrouns across the river. That's right, Tuesday night's run is now at Turkey!! There is a huge paved parking lot, the above mentioned wide paved trail, a great opportunity for a little hill training, miles of flat trail, and also....an opportunity to go OFF ROAD if you wish!

Jason and TZ most likely would be glad to lead any brave souls around the trails.

Again, bring a water bottle.

There will be water at the parking lot, but none on the trails, unless you like pond water.

And finally, it's SO AWESOME to have Susan back RUNNING! Susan got in THREE MILES tonight, and felt ornery enough to scarf down a cheeseburger while the rest of the eating club ate 40 cent chicken wings. From the looks of this pic, Bobby had better watch out!