Monday, November 1, 2010

A few sightings from last Thursday's Pre-Tulsa-Run Halloween Bash at RW. Costumes were the norm for most runners and runnerettes.
Patty looks rather Disneyish. Could a January double be on the agenda??

Amanda is very convincing as a bad of jelly beans. But Mia was my favorite, nailing Skeletor ala canine style

Larry debated wearing a costume, and finally elected to not dress up, and came right from work. (Actually, Elin Woods would have been impressed, as Larry was every bit as pretty as she is....on a bad day!)

Kate bedazzled the masses on our run up and down Brookside, getting a record three invitations for drinks, a date, and a ride on the back of a Moped. For the record, though, she just ran.

There was a Kathy look-alike ordeal at this gathering. Roman takes a bit of editorial license with the headdress. TZ seems to enjoy another opportunity to dress in drag. (Nice legs, though.)

Actually, Sandra had the most believable Kathy get-up, in my opinion.

The dare was to go trick-or-treating. Turns out, that was way too much fun to NOT do. We hit up several houses, but scored ZERO candy. :-(

Thanks to Lauri England for a few of the pictures. Tulsa Run write-up, and pix to follow soon.

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