Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trim The Flat Off Please

When: Saturday, October 23, 2010 6:45 AM-10:00 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)

Trim The Flat Off Please
Time is running out, as in the Tulsa Run is right around the weekend corner, followed shortly behind by Tulsa’s own Route 66 Marathon. This week it’s time to get busy understanding and appreciating the “lay of the road” that we’ll soon be Dom-N-8RZ-ing in PR fashion. Wait, you say – “we’ve been down this hilly road before”. Technically yes, but scenically no, as prior Fall Season training excursions on the Tulsa Run route have been mostly held under the watchful eyes of Mr. Moon. In many cases, the best potholes were barely discernable to the darkened eye, and they did not garner the awe and respect that they truly deserve. Frequently shed hubcaps and once tightened bolts that adorn the trail were mostly unappreciated. But this week we have a plan!

What if … dare we suggest it … that we timed the start of this Saturday’s training run to nearly coincide with the start of daybreak? Say around 6:45 AM’ish, which works out to a 7 AM Coach Kathy shout out of “Now get out of here!” Sounds like a pretty good plan, and it will help reinforce those sometimes tricky left and right hand turns with interspaced straightaway sections. But one must be careful to not change up too many things at a time, so let’s still plan on starting from Veteran’s Park to keep from getting all jittery and from knocking our creature habits too far out of whack. (NOTE: The revised Saturday morning start time has nothing, absolutely nothing, I promise, although I do appreciate, the fact that the preceding Friday night coincides with Oktoberfest, which as we all know, can really leave you on the dizzy, dazed, sleep deprived, dehydrated, and often bruised conditions – “Oktoberfesterized” – from all that crazy-A Chicken Dancin’.)

If only there were a way to make Saturday’s training run even better than a practice run of the Tulsa Run course. Seeing as how we’re scheduled for 16 miles, and the Tulsa Run route distance is 15 K, and even I know that 16 doesn’t quite go into 15 without messy fractions, conversions, and headaches that only engineers and accountants could love, we need to employ the baker’s optionality rule – the one that lets you slice and dice as you see fit in order to make it work. By carving off a couple of K’s of the Tulsa Run, we’re magically close to almost half of our scheduled 16 miler. Naturally, by unpopular demand, we’ll make sure that we trim off 2K of the Flat Part, ‘cause really, who would want to take the easy way out? What to do …. What to do …. ? Correctomundo (slipping in a little Cancun inebriaspired Spanglish) – let’s run the deviated TR course twice, just to make sure that we can remember to follow the exact course markings and to help stay between the imaginary crowds that will be cheering us on and laughing as we fall on race day.


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