Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When: Saturday, October 16, 2010 5:45 AM-9:45 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)

42-24-36. Wow, now there’s some jaw droppin’, bone shakin’, knee knockin’, attention getting’ numbers – numbers that really command your deepest level of respect and admiration. Yep, you guessed it, it’s something all of us aspirational runners and runnerettes, young and young at heart, need to focus on, as they represent the critical balance required in getting us more than ready for the upcoming fall marathon run season.
As you undoubtedly are about to hear, proper training requires a balance of physical training (42%), nutrition (24%), and mental harmonization (36%), for a collective optimal 102% effort (a simple 100% effort no longer cuts the ticker tape in this ever-escalating and fast-paced world of PR's, WAVA, and go go go). That’s why we spend approximately 4.75 months building on our base mileage (calculates to 42%), and our down time eating and drinking whatever we can wrap our mitts around (roughly equates to 24% of something). The remaining precision honed balance of 36% is the final critical ingredient to surviving the marathon challenge – the mental game, of which I’ve often been accused of having an inherent advantage due to being nearly ¾’s (approximately 58%) mental.
So rather than Dom-N-8RZ-ing in this week’s Sand Springs resort destination-esque 22 mile training run, scheduled for Saturday morning at the tourist departure time of 5:45 AM’ish from Veteran’s Park, I plan on neatly folding my laces in a scrum, throwing them in an overstuffed bag, and heading south for a week of trying to plump up those running induced wrinkles.
Off to Mexico it is to cram in a week’s worth of 36%. I’m in the preliminary phases of polishing my wrinkle busting rehydration menu (it was a very hot and humid Tulsa summer) – carefully selected mind enhancing concoctions consisting of Rum, Tequila, and Cerveza (Ar-Tee-An-Sea), but not necessarily in that order nor necessarily consumed separately. Lime is not optional, as we health conscious mentalists must not forget the importance of daily indulgences of Vitamin C.
Buenos Dias

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