Friday, November 5, 2010



Saturday, November 6, 2010 has just been proclaimed Runners World Solidarity Day, courtesy of the misfit Dom-N-8RZ run leaders.

It’s an amazing coincidence since that is also the same day as the Runners World hosted and internationally (if not interworldly) famous Mock Marathon. So, how should we respectfully pay our homage, someone must surely be asking? Well, it’s our lucky day, as public displays of affection are back in vogue. As such, let’s open those closets and drawers and search for Runners World logo’d gear, and deck the Tulsa streets with such vestments to show all who choose to look that we are indeed – Runners World trained, fed, and nurtured/tortured (always get those two words confused).

Please note that there will be no formal nor authorized inspection of RW undergarments allowed – strictly unenforced policy. WARNING: DO NOT LET PRETTY BOY BRIAN TRICK YOU WITH HIS “I’m a TSA Airport Security Screening Officer in Training” candidate.

Further, just for grins: Should you happen to have any “Race Into the New Year” shirts, this would be a great time to bring those out of hibernation and help show your colors.

Finally – Spread the word.


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