Monday, June 13, 2011

You've Been Served

Official Notice, that is, that the Runners World 2011 Oklahoma City Marathon Training Session is over, and that the Runners World 2011 Route 66 Marathon Training Session will soon be starting - as in next Saturday - as in June 18 - as in at Veteran's Park - as in 6:45 AM'ish (I think).

But there's a catch, a condition if you're more comfortable with that, some corporate red tape if you're the sort who responds or reacts more favorably to structure - you HAVE to FILL OUT an information/application sheet and turn it in to Runners World. Remember, just filling out the form is not good enough - you have to actually get it to Runners World via fax, by mail, by conning a friend or foe to do the legwork, or by physically taking it into the store yourself, plopping it on the counter and obnoxiously shouting "I Want In!" to whoever is ignoring you at the time. Your choice really, although one method that I might have listed last will leave a notable, yet undesirable impression with Coach Kathy that apparently takes several years to fade - if ever. Bonus Tip of the Day: Faxing in a blank form really doesn't advance the sneaker very far, so be sure to fill out a few basics before surrendering your family history, education background with grades and any meritorious awards, along with your solemn lifetime vow to raise your young'uns as RW disciples. Remember, e-mail addresses must be exact, and legibility counts if you desire to land in really cool running groups.

Here's the link to the form (surely you don't expect us to hold your hand while filling out the form), so please take a moment if you haven't already to fill it out and send it in:

Also, for a limited time, please note that bonus points are being awarded to those who recruit new victims aspiring marathoners into our lair. If you do recruit new runners or runnerettes, try to act sincere and downplay the question regarding "next of kin" as we are just being nosy - rather than some ominous foreshadowing event.

We hope to see a lot of both familiar and blissfully new/naive faces next weekend at our R66 Training Kick-Off Session. And for those who completed their first marathon, remember the fine print that requires you to return for a second session if you set a PR at your first event (I'm sorry, but there's no latitude in this rule).

Lastly, in the category of a threat or a blessing (your choice), if you fail to submit a new RW form, you will be dropped from future RW training emails and invitations. And if you do sign up, we continue to vow to not short change you on your training miles - kind of a Dom-N-8RZ rule.


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