Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weeknight Runs

For those new to running with us, or those who are on the fence of whether or not they want to give running a try--JOIN US! We don't bite!We meet on Monday and Thursday nights at the store at 5:30 to run. The usual course is from the store through the neighborhoods to the riverparks at 41st st. From there, we usually go north and run until we turn around. Most runners go 3-4 miles, and some go further. As you can see from the above picture, there is no age limit. We have several senior citezens who run with us. (a jab at my buddy Tom Robinson!) Before our runs, we give kudos to our friends who might have ran a recent race. In this case, Pat and Sandra have just got back from running the Wounded Warrior Half marathon in Texas. They battled temps near 100° to finish another half.
Bobby and Susan have ran with us for over 3 years. They both are run leaders and are always helping in setting up our event tents and packing things away after our Saturday runs. Bobby has gone from couch potato to a multi marathon finisher, and he is training for his second 50K. More on Susan later in this post.
A few minutes after 5:30, Brian makes a slew of announcements about upcoming events, birthdays in our group, any PRs or other racing accomplishments, and the bunny slippers. (More on the bunny slippers in a later post.)
If you see a wild (but good looking) guy taking pictures of passing runners, indulge him. These pictures are often used in this blog.
Susan had her first RUN in a while. Since she has worn this cast, she has led a couch-to-5K group mostly walking, but tonight she ran. She'll have this cast remover in one more day!!! A big celebration is to follow.
After the evening runs there almost is always an EAT CLUB meeting. A group of us meets to eat some din din--sometimes healthy, sometimes not. But tonight, the run leaders from the new training session met at Mazzios for pizza and planning for Saturday's kickoff. Kathy goes over the agenda between mouthfuls of supreme pizza.
The Gulley girls ran a spirited run and await their marching orders. Pizza was not their food of choice, although I did my best to tempt them with a pizza pie.
Tatur Dave is the architect of most of our running routes. If you like the courses on Saturday, let him know. If you don't like the hills, eat them anyway--they're good for you.
Brian has that dazed look--but he was drinking soda. Rockstar Ed polished off a few brewskies though. Gotta wash that pizza down with SOMETHING.
Laurie, leader of Chasin Booty, ignores the odd looking guy behind her.
And finally, Edward poses with his little snuggly doll. I'm sure there is a good story behind this--I'll try to uncover it. (An edit: Laurie E tells me, "It was the doll he was carrying, while wearing a kilt, during TulsaTough – taunting the riders up crybaby hill!")

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