Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let the training begin!!!

Saturday morning was the kick-off. Not of a football, but of something much more than that--the RunnersWorld Rt 66 Marathon/Half Marathon Training Session. Arriving while it was still dark, Coach Kathy set up tents and got the water and Gatorade ready, and then worked on the registration tables.

I always enjoy the first Saturday the group meets and all the group signs.Bobby displays the Road Runners logo. Bobby does stray to the dirt trails, so this sign is not entirely truth-in-advertising.

Tatur Dave brought back the Ethiopian Elites name, since REO Speedwagon threatened a lawsuit. (j/k)

The 13-14 m/m Marathon group--Chasin' Booty. ARRRRR!

Possibly the best party group, the Blazing Turtles. This group does it all. They run, they bike, they eat like there was no tomorrow (after a run), and they do a great disappearing act involving beer cans.

Amanda's Half group--the Pacemakers. This was the early favorite for best sign. Would it win out?

Half Fast, another 1/2 Marathon group. Is it me, or does that name sound like something my Dad used to say?

I don't know who goes with this sign, but I donated a dollar.

My favorite sign from last session. The Dominatrix Domin8rz led by the submissive Larry Davied.

RockStar Eddie leads a group or rebels and babes once again. His sign cracks me up!

The competition for best sign heats up. Brian's sign is cool, although I thought the stick man had the scriggly lines from having ate the Volcano Burrito from Taco Bell.

Matt didn't win the competition for best sign, but he did win the award for best stick.

And the winner for best sign--1/2 & 1/2. They're Milkin' it for all it's worth!

A couple of faces from the past--Larry is flanked by Stefani and Simone. Larry has had some injury problemss but is back in the saddle and I hope it goes great for him. Simone recently put another marathon medal on the shelf, having finished San Diego in 5:20. And Stef is back for another run at 26.2. we've missed ya, Stef!

By far the biggest group, the Blazing Turtles keeps growing. Have fun and the world flocks to your doorstep.

My designated group[, Chasin' Booty. The pirate theme never gets old for me. I still have the Pirate setting on my FaceBook page.

Kathy employed the voice of Tulsa running, Mr. Jack Wing, to make the pre-run announcements.

So far, we have the most runners ever for a training session. With well over 400 and a lot more will sign up in the next week or so, we could top 500. 22 weeks of training and no fee for running with us.

We took off in waves, with the faster groups getting a head start. It was a warm morning, but for most of the way, we had a good breeze.

North on the river to 11th, and then south on the west side.

Spirits were high, and why not? Just a quick 5 miler and it was time to eat some breakfast! :-)

To a casual spectator, it probably looked like a race was going on. By the time we reached the pedestrian bridge, the sporadic line of runners was almost 2 miles long.

One session down, and 21 more to go. Bring on the summertime heat!!

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