Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few pics from Saturday's run

Our Saturday army has swelled to 430ish, and last Saturday was a great day albeit a little warm. But there's nothing like an early morning run to get the sweat glands working. (Remember--dead men don't sweat.) The earlier start gave us a jumpstart on the the heat, and we were treated to some awesome cloud formations and a great sunrise.
Coach Kathy sent the faster groups off first. The papparazzi was late getting away from the start area, but soon caught up with most of the runners. (Ok, so I stopped for a few sunrise pictures too.)
We ran through some of the older neighborhoods in midtown--circling Swan Lake and taking a loop through Mapleridge.
This next Saturday, most groups will be adding a mile. The route will be straight south on the river trail, and runners will get to see some of the Midnight Madness ultra-runners as they run their 4th or 5th lap in their 51.5 mile race. Be sure to give them a shout-out as you pass. Finishing this race, which will start at 11:59 pm Friday night, will be a huge accomplishment considering the heat and humidity. And I know that some of you will be out there yourselves in the next couple of years. This running thing--I think it is catching on.

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