Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March On

When: Saturday, March 05, 2011 6:45 AM-10:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Jenks RiverWalk (96th Street Bridge - West Side)


March On

Couldn’t be happier, ‘cause March is where it’s at – like in “happ’nin”. Ain’t no coincidence that “happ’nin” and “happiness” are so phonetically linked. I mean March has got it all, starting first and foremost with a full slate of 31 big days – none of those sloppy unmarked and unused trailing calendar slots at the end of the month. Plus, it’s chalk full of long run training dates – those highly anticipated and ever popular 20’ish mile distance challenges that make our feet and legs just go all mushy towards the end of a run.
It’s got party days, like Bead Dispatching Day (otherwise known as Mardi Gras and apparently a Dom-N-8RZ fave), St. Pat’s Day (not sure, but think this is a TSA inspired event, where all the electronic full body scanners become mysteriously dysfunctional and default hand searches are mandatory – Note to Self: avoid airport security checkpoints to avoid a pat down experience … but, then again, when feeling a little lonely …),

March Madness – (not sure on this one either – sounds like some rabbinous hostile infection), the start of 40 days of fasting (could be some tortuous speed work regimen), National Irish American Heritage Month (surely there is some reason why this is relevant to us, but we'll need to defer to Irish Ken for enlightenment via his unique Guinness spin), and the ultimate in self perception drama filled highs and lows with the “National Everything You Do Is Wrong” day immediately followed by the “National Everything You Do Is Right” day (who needs emotional roller coasters?).

And did I mention significant birthdays? Good, ‘cause I wouldn’t want to come across as self absorbed and getting’ all carried away in my own ‘Tude-ness. Plus, I was thinking about Bill’s, which is this Friday, except it’s a secret, so please don’t tell too many other people, but do make sure you mention it frequently on Saturday to Stairmaster Bill, cause he’s getting along in years and it’s difficult to separate those conversations that you have out loud versus the silent ones between you and the internal voices. Rock on Stairmaster – young at heart, wealthy with experience!

Also, and possibly most importantly, March means that the evil month of “Feb-Brerr-ary” is finally over. That little temptress of a month showed up at the end of January with promises of “I won’t overstay my welcome – I’ll keep it short”, “I just want to spread a little love”, and “I just want to give everyone a good excuse to eat mountains of heart shaped chocolates and 50+ year hardened candies”. Not a nary “wink wink” warning of shovel grinding dustings of long lasting frozen precipitate or city paralyzing obstacle course roads and neighborhoods. Thankfully, the challenges of “Feb-Brerr-ary” did not negatively impact relations between our city leaders. Be Gone Feb-Brerr-ary, along with your slippery mess, all your sun starved groundhogs, and your paltry 28 parka adorned days.

In keeping with neither recordable nor known tradition whatsoever, the RW Brain Trust has been recently distraught with the reality that there just never seems to be enough time to run all those unrealized miles and trails.
(Aside: Always wondered how eerily similar the spellings of “Brain” and “Brian” are, yet the actual comparisons couldn’t be farther apart. Oh well, must be one of life’s little inside humor occurrences.) In a “what to do – what to do” moment of un-inspiration, with an astute recognition of mimicry being the best form of flattery (way different than plagiarism or copying an idea and claiming it as your own), we looked to Daylight Savings Time to help shed a few rays on our dilemma. Rolling the clocks forward an hour for the start of our Saturday morning training runs would indeed be a great solution, but turns out that the government already has dibs on this approach. Plus, PB Brian says his clock doesn’t roll very well as it has an oblong shape, so alternatively we will NOT adjust the clocks but will just set the alarms to begin our runs an hour earlier. In the spirit of full disclosure, this challenging time management head scratcher required intervention from Coach Kathy. Her timing couldn’t have been better, as Brian was on the brink of breaking into his third jar of girth enhancing inspirational peanut butter – we all owe Coach K our gratitude, helping to make the trails a little safer during passing man/manette-euvers.

With the appetizers complete, our main course will be served this Saturday at 6:45 AM’ish (NEW TIME – START One Hour Earlier) at the Jenks RiverWalk Bridge. We are scheduled for 18 miles (both Int and Adv groups) of hill infused harmonious path scuffing (ever wonder how far East the Creek Turnpike Trail goes?). This will be the final chapter of the infamous Jenks RW Bump, which is needed more than ever following last week's alarming news of financial problems for the RiverWalk development. As a gut check to whether the RW Bump magic is still there, we note for the record the new Waterfront restaurant and the Jenks High School New Swimmin' Hole observed during last week’s run, assuring all that our beneficial impacts are still being flung about – sorta like discarded water cups.

March On, in brisk fashion, following our nearly patented Dom-N-8RZ styled loosely clustered and erratic random formation.


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