Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Wait for Fat Tuesday?

When: Saturday, February 26, 2011 7:45 AM-10:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Jenks River Walk (96th Street River Bridge)


Why Wait for Fat Tuesday?
Is it just me – oh wait, it couldn’t be – everything isn’t about me – although …. – or has the month of February been a running trail wreck in terms of putting the proverbial snow boot up our getalongs? It’s been too cold, the snow’s too deep, I had to shovel the last week and now I feel like my back is in traction, I had this little south of the border vacation getaway – yeah, all of that and more. Net result is staring me in the mirror and overflowing the belt line. I have to admit it’s a little depressing, although this experience has helped me partially restock some much needed empathy points when I pause to think what Pretty Boy Brian has to deal with on a continual basis. So, net effect, there’s just a whole lot more of me to push around the trail and with which to leave lasting indentations. Last Saturday’s wonderful temperatures and an upper teenish mileage training target couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Anywhichwayhoweveryouwannacutit, now we’re back and needing to quickly reconcile any mileage gaps that we have been accumulating. Turns out that although we may have been thrown off a little from our training game plan, our upcoming targeted race dates did not follow suit and reciprocate. Unlike school snow days, we’re not allowed to just add those missed days back in and extend the training period. But that’s OK, ‘cause we’re Dom-N-8RZ – darn nearly straight. As the well worn saying goes: “We may fall upon occasion, but we refuse to bounce.” We’ll simply just cinch up those support belts another notch, turn a slightly deeper shade of purple hue, put down the feed bags of discount 80% off V-Day sweets, and get out there and do what we imagine that we are capable of doing. As the esteemed and rosy cheeked Irish Ken espoused in his recent haggling, this week is a good opportunity to “catchup” (without the fries) with a few bonus miles.
This Saturday finds us back for Dose 2 of 3 in our charitable Jenks RW Bump. We will again muster at River Walk, west side of 96th Street River crossing, at 7:45 AM’ish, for a scheduled 8 mile (Int)/10 mile (Adv) training run. FREE BONUS OFFER with minimum strings attached: This would be a great week to have your run-envious clamoring friends and any prodigal Dom-N-8RZ to come on out and join us in the festivities. Our deviously crafted run route is predominantly flat, with only the slightest of inclines with which to help us polish up on our sailor lingo.

Fat February can’t get behind us soon enough (as we hoist a double fisted double cheeseburger toast with jumbo shake topper). Surely we possess the requisite 15 minutes or so of will power to resist girth yielding temptations before we begin our upcoming extended 2 weekish Mardi Gras celebrations. But more realistically, why wait at all, cause if you’re standing still then someone is likely gaining on you.

Fat Larry

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