Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who says it's too cold to run????

It had warmed to 18° and a couple of my RW friends had cabin fever and wanted to go for a run. I picked up Deborah and Christi, and we ran on rutted roads behind and north of RunnersWorld. (I did not see any orange cones and assume it was safe to park here.) I needed an easy run to loosen things up from sitting in the Jeep for hours, and Deb and Christi were wanting to blow the cobwebs out. Christi's awesome shirt! As long as we ran in snow smunched down by cars, it was just like trail running, except you slid a little every now and then. My feet were warm the whole time. I wore my Saucony Razers, which have built-in gaiters. It was a good choice, but I wish I had put screws in them. It was after running to the top of this hill, that a group of sledders called the girls "hardcore", which they liked immensely. I was lagging behind, and I did not get such a compliment. :-( We ended up with 6 miles, and promptly got stuck trying to plow through a snowdrift in the RW parking lot. It must have been the girls who have been living right, because not one but two trucks stopped to help--one came with a shovel, and the other with a tow rope. Funny how a disaster brings out the best in people.

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