Monday, March 14, 2011

Come Run The Snake!!!

One of our favorite races is almost upon us!! Each year in March, TATUR has an event that is unique to these parts. Most races are a specified distance--a 5K, a 15K, a half or full marathon. But this race is different. In this race, your know in advance what your finishing time will be. The question is--how far can you go? TATUR's Six Hour/Three Hour Snake Run is in it's 4th year, starting out as little more than a club outing, it had grown to where we'll OWN the west side of Turkey Mountain this Saturday.

This race is similar to other fixed distance venues--you'll have race numbers, the event is timed, and there are trophies and finishers awards. But the competition in this race is yourself. Can you run for three hours or six hours, and just how far can you go? The Snake Trail is named not for the population of slithery reptiles, but for the winding route of the trail. But special recognition will be given for any snake sightings. The course record for the six hour event is 42 miles for the men, and 34 miles for the women. The record for the three hour event is 21.5 miles for the men, and 16 miles for the women. Last year was the first running of the three hour event, and that race was blasted by a cold front and a blanket of wet snow. With warm, dry conditions this year, those records may fall. Male and female 1st through 3rd places in both the three and six hour races will take home one of these bad boys. Wouldn't one of these snakes look awesome on your trophy shelf? All finishers will receive a snake medal. The one catch: the finish of this race is not at the end of a specified distance. The finish is when the gun signals the end of the three or six hours. While theoretically, you could run and take an extended break, you had better finish the race on the move to earn your prize. And as always, TATUR does not disappoint with the race shirts. We have 250 of these, so sign up early to ensure yourself one.

And stay around after you are through. There'll be food, various means of hydration, friends, and fun. The fun starts at 9:00 am Saturday morning at the top of Lipbuster (Elwood north of 71st Street where it turns west into 61st Street), but be there early. Parking is difficult, and you don't want to have to sprint up the big hill to get to the starting line.

And look at it this way. You know you need to get your long run over the weekend anyway. Why not come out, run with friends, get a cool shirt and finishers medal, and eat to your heart's content after the run? To good to be true? Not at all!! Click on the above link, or you can sign up at RunnersWorld at 43rd and Peoria. See you there!!

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