Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tulsa Run 2009

It was the 30somethingish running of the Tulsa Run, Tulsa's biggest race and one of the oldest runs in the state. Robert Maddy, you know the crazy skinny guy at RunnersWorld, has ran every darn one of them. Ran the one back in 70s when Keds were the high-tech shoe (even before Converse burst onto the scene!) And yet, a lot of our group was running this for the first time. The above group pic will have to suffice until I kidnap Brian's new $5000 dollar camera. He owes me some pics.
He owes me a race with a PINK TUTU!! Lucky dog that he is, he squeaked out of wearing one this morning, since Lisa and Roman were gonna design an extra large extra feminine one and did not quite get it put together. GRRR!! It would seem to me that since he lost his bet fair and square, that he should have visited Fredericks of Hollywood, Christy's Toybox, Massad's, or wherever necessary to get his race outfit. Can we get a movement started to have him wear it at Route 66??

YEE HAW!!! have ya ever seen a better lookin buncha cowgirls than these??? Makes me wanna go out and rustle some cattle just so they could arrest me.No, I said RUSTLE, not RUSSELL. Russell got all excited there.

It was a little chilly before the race, an occasional north breeze and temps in the low 40s. Terry and Becky are relaxed and ready for their first 15K. Sandra has her game face on, and her minute beeper strapped on.

Excitement was in the air. Joye and Bette can hardly contain themselves....or maybe they are signaling for touchdowns?

Hayley and Meg hanging out before the race. You might want to hit Hayley up for an autograph....she is a college superstar now.

Wonder Woman made an appearance. Cassy, I always KNEW she was you!!

And, the Easter Bunny also made an appearance!!

Coach Kathy looks beautiful as the Queen of Hearts. WOW!!

Roman ran as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Truly a great costume!


From the Best Movie in the History of Motion Pictures, (as voted by TZ) "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"....Jason and Lisa did a superb job portraying Roger and Jessica Rabbit.

Not sure what Rabbit Sloan was supposed to be, but I am thinking Elmer Fudd would need to be berwy careful hunting this wabbit!!

By the way....did I mention there was a race this morning? Soon enough 9:00 am rolled around and the gun sounded, and the massive crowd ever so slowly began to move . (Thank God for chip timing, at least for this race.)Had to snap a pic of Jack Wing...the MOUTH of the Tulsa Run.

Down Boulder, east on 15th/Cherry Street up the long hill, then a half mile down Utica, and back west on 21st Street where there were a couple of hills that I was not thinking about. That's ok....hills are our friends, right? Then it was around the clover leaf over the Arkansas River. I love it when we get to run on that loop. It's a banked turn (like I really NEED a banked turn!) I stopped very briefly for another pic or two.My right arm and shoulder were very sore after the run, and I could not figure out why, until posting this pic. I had a flu shot yesterday. (The round building that looks like a hypodermic needle...)

The RW entourage at approx mile 5. Sweethearts Roger and Jessica are tucked in behind the photo-bombers.

Sweethearts Charlie and Robin enjoying a good runner's buzz after their run.

This is a busy quartet of runners. There are BOMB members, Chain Gang members, a couple of members of the Slow Trotters, and they all enjoyed a nice little 15K run.

MVPs of the Tulsa Run: Candice and Nate, who followed us around on the course and cheered us on! Thank you!!!!

The next nine pictures were taken by Cheryl. She evidently has an awesome camera, or at least skills surpassing mine.

Bobby and Todd race to the finish line.

The rabbit pack finishes their 15K. The saying "Quick like a bunny" does not apply to them today.

I am sure there will be more pics tossed around on Facebook in the coming days, so check back and I'll post 'em when I get them.


Bobby said...

Third one in a row for me. I love this race.

Anonymous said...

I think Sloan was a Playboy Bunny "rabbit"

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos and an excellent day to run! ... and yes - I was dressed as a Playboy Bunny (and had the scripture poster people shaking their posters at me) - Sloan

Anonymous said...

It seems like you only have the paparazzi trained on a few select people in the runners world group. I know there were MANY great PR's achieved at this Tulsa Run from more than just one of the RunnersWorld regulars that may achieve great things in races but never seem to get any praise or notoriety on your page. They run further and faster but get no praise on your website, yet they show up to every early morning training run and actually run the course unlike some of even the designated run leaders. It seems like a small group of friends have taken over this group and I think it sucks.

Anonymous said...

I feel the need to throw my two cents in after the previous comment. I too feel that the website seems to dwell on a lot of the same people. When our group was smaller, it was easier to include everyone in the mix. The past training sessions have seen our training group swell to 250-300 people, and there is just no way only a couple of people with a camera can get everyone included in the weekly postings. This Tulsa Run, I ran fairly hard and did not stop to take many pictures. I had to rely on other people taking pics and I did borrow several shots from Facebook that other people took.

A good solution to this might be for people with pictures and race reports would like to email their stories to us and we could post them? We have done a similar thing with the writings of Larry.


Anonymous said...

Who is running further and faster and getting no praise on the website. FYI, many run leaders even come and help with water, etc even when they are injured or resting from a race. I don't think people realize some run leaders are there before all the runners get there setting out water and stay until the last person is finished. They then pick upall the tents, water and trash which amazingly don't pick up themselves

Deborah said...

I want to let all of you run leaders and Runners World and volunteers know that I appreciate all that you do for my family. You are always helpful, friendly,willing to answer questions, offering advice, and going the extra mile. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me along the way to get me to the point of being able to run the Tulsa Run. Last year, if someone saw me in running gear on Halloween they would have thought it was my costume!

Anonymous said...

You do an absolutely great job Ken, Kathy, Brian, and all the volunteers!

TATUR Dave said...

Okay, of those who have been regularly running with the RunnersWorld marathon training group, here are what I believe are the top ten finishers in the Tulsa Run. I may have overlooked somebody (partly because I don't know everyone's first and last name), and I'm sorry about that if I did. They all did great, and I know I talked to a few others that were very happy with new PRs or with their first Tulsa Run. You all deserve a big congratulations!

Kurt Kruskop 1:00:24
Fred Isaacs 1:03:27
Brian Hoover 1:05:06
Brian Simpson 1:06:59
Andy Karlin 1:07:01
Curtis Roberts 1:07:09
David Sargent 1:10:45
Rachel Mitchell 1:14:08
Kaci Michael 1:14:59
Jarrett Shalhoop 1:15:21

Zero Bod said...

TZ, your blog is's a good problem to have that the group is so big!