Sunday, October 25, 2009

As promised, we got to sleep in an extra hour yesterday morning before our Saturday long run. 6:45, while still a little uncivilized, did not require quite as much eye rubbing. In fact, one the first batch of eye crispies were wiped away, I seemed fairly alert!

We had a good turnout and it seemed like everyone and their dog was huddled around the old street corner awaiting directions.
It seemed like a maze, the course as it was described. Tatur Dave said it was really easy, but after 4 minutes of describing the turn-by-turn route, it seemed best to just follow the peeps ahead of you and at least we'd all be going to the same place, wherever that was.

The route took us north on the trail (Midland Valley Trail?) to 3rd Street, then a jog west to Greenwood, and then under 244 towards the OSU/Tulsa campus. It actually turned out to be a great route, and even the mile or so north of 244 was a treat.

A view of downtown Tulsa that not many have seen.

Graffiti is not always a bad thing.

We ran back through the OSU campus, a beautiful facility, but the camera guy was having some technical difficulties during this stretch and did not take nay pictures. Another run another day perhaps.

Approaching downtown. Big buildings against a big sky.

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I love all types of running. Running in big races, running all alone on trails. Running all alone through the heart of downtown on a quiet Saturday morning is a treat. This time next Saturday though, it will be anything but quiet. Thousands will be pounding the pavement at the Tulsa Run.

The first 8-mile loop done....time for a pit a little, rehydrate....make some shoe changes....and then it's another 8 miles.Oktoberfest was gearing up right across the river. Could not have been a better day for a run. And then some German sausage and beer. YUM!

Finally, a huge congratulations to Sandra. Sandra started early this morning at 5:30, an 6 miles, and then did the 16 with the group for her first 22 mile long run. This is all to get ready for her first marathon in Greece in just two weeks. I know she'll do just fine. Probably even get the bug and do another and another. End up a Marathon Maniac....she's already a Half Fanatic! Awesome job, Sandra. You now can take it easy for a couple of weeks. Welcome to your taper!


meg said...

Great pics TZ. I agree, it was a fun route. Sorry you weren't feeling at your best Sat. You're right, Sandra is gonna do great!

Bobby said...

Way to go Sandra. I now know that you a ready to tackle your first marathon. Just remember, you will not be any more miserable than you were at mile 22. You will only be miserable a short time longer. And that will only be temporary. How many people can say they were miserable in Greece?