Monday, September 12, 2011

RunnersWorld Runners Tackle Two Events

This past weekend, we had several of our group racing in a couple of big and very different events. Tri-Tulsa (formerly the Tulsa Tri) was held at Heyburn Lake near Kellyville Oklahoma. Saturday, a kids and sprint tri was on the slate. From left to right, Kathy Price Moore, Misty Stanton, Guy Wolcott, Darcy Anderson Carson, Troy Moore, Sue Marolf, Tom Robinson, and Venus Woods Monyhan all did the training, faced the challenge and met their goals of finishing their tri. This was a first time effort for many of them.

A few other of our runners not pictured above are Erin Barnes (on the far left), Amanda Osterdyk (number 73), Lygea Welvaert (in the orange and black), and Lisa Chinn (in the blue.) I hope I am not leaving anyone out....

The next day--same lake--the Olympic Distance Tri was held. Stormy Phillips and Mitch Drummond represented RunnersWorld well in this event. Stormy had a busy weekend, and was out again Monday night for a recovery run with us. More on his other weekend adventure in a bit.

I'm not sure if this pic is actually from the Tri, but it is a accurate likeness of Mitch, always cheerful and ready for a challenge. Mitch is also just a week off of a tough adventure race.
(All of the above photos borrowed from Facebook.)

I mentioned Stormy being involved in another race this same weekend. It was the second annual Do Wacka Do Trail Race in Erick, Oklahoma. This event has a 25K and a 50K, as well as a 5 miler. Several of our group made the trip, and finished well despite some hot afternoon temps.
Charlotte Lindley and Caroline Glenn both ran the 50K. They wewre 1st and 2nd in their age groups. Susan Westmoreland and John Parris ran the 25K. Susan took home third in her age group.
Brynna Schelbar had the most fun volunteering and biking most of the day. Why didn't I think of that?

RockStar Ed and Kate Ellisor did the 25K and were happy and through hours ahead of me.

And me? I was DFL, and took exactly 100 pictures along the way.

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Tough Guy said...

Nice, that was a great run. Cool photos, I love running too. Congratulations to all the racers for a great job well done and for a successful event. Keep it up !