Monday, July 18, 2011

you-uns over here on this blog need to come on out to run this here race

What do you get when you cross some good old country REDNECKS........with some really fast runners? Well this Friday, you will get to find out!! TATUR, famous for putting on new and inventive races, is presenting The Reckless Redneck--a one mile DOWNHILL race.
This mad dash starts at the top of Elwood at 61st Street, and screamzzz down Elwood, turns into the Turkey Mountain parking lot, and then streaks down the paved bike trail. This downhill is less elevation descent than Pikes Peak or Mount Everest, but for around these parts, it is quite a steep downhiller.

Why the redneck theme?? Well, why not? This IS Oklahoma! Anyone wearing some sorta redneck garb gets a discount on their entree fee. For a lot of my friends, all that means is they might wanna not put on that Sunday-go-to-meetin shirt and come on in their regular goin-out-ta-eat shirt. Some of my friends just need to flash a toothy grin
and that'll be proof enough that they are rednecks. (A tip: Nascar hats work for costume accessories, and might add to your aerodynamics, besides making Junior proud.)(NOTE:anyone wearing #24 will be escorted off the durned mountain,)

Finally, because this is a real fast course, and some of you-uns will be running faster than you ever dreamt possible, please be careful and don't fall, don't trip anybody, don't step on anyone's pig or chickens. There just might be some good suds waitin for ya at the finish line.Here's a few pitchers of this race from a couple years back. CLICK HERE

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