Friday, September 16, 2011

Midweek Runs

If you've been staying home and watching Wheel of Fortune on Monday and Thursday evenings, you've been missing out on some fun times. Weeknight runs are alive and well. No one melted in the heat this summer, and now with it getting back down to a more sane temperature at 5:30, it has been pure bliss running our 3-4-5-6-or whatever distance. In case you have a minor case of amnesia, we meet at the store a little before 5:30 PM, and around 5:30-5:35ish, Coach Kathy gives an inspirational speech. We recognize any runner who's ran a recent race, hit a milestone in their training, had a birthday, or any other cause for fame or infamy.
Here is a bit of fame on the verge of happening. Lyle runs marathons--a LOT of marathons. Since he started running around a couple of years ago, he has earned EIGHT STARS in Marathon Maniacs. That is a lot of weekends of travel, several doubles (1 marathon on a Saturday and a second the next day), and is well on his way to his 50 states. But that is not all--this Saturday, he will go to Wisconsin and run a trail 50K, which will earn him TEN STARS!! So the next picture of him on this blog will have him holding up a couple of extra fingers. If you see him, be sure to congratulate him. I think I am right in that he will be the ONLY ONE in the state of Oklahoma to have earned that honor.
Ok, back to this weeknight thing. If you are training for anything--a 5K, a half, a marathon, the Tulsa Run--you NEED to get in your mid-week runs. True, you can run in the mornings, run from home around the neighborhood. You can even get your miles on the---do I say it?---the dreadmill!!!!! But the most bestest fun you can have running is with your friends. If you don't believe me, just ask me!
If you missed the run Thursday, you missed Jennifer trying to duck to avoid having her picture taken and almost falling flat on her face. The paparazzi loved it!
Four miles will take you to the pedestrian bridge and back. Do a couple of bridge repeats and you can return to the store having run five miles. A few of our runners who will remain anonymous have been known to run to Elswood's north of 21st Street, and refule with a barley and hops flavored Gatorade. (One of the above mentioned actually prefers a wheat beer Gatorade.)
Our river is down--lower than I have ever seen it. But with the rain that every weatherman seems sure we will be getting in the next week, maybe we'll fill our lakes and rivers. But just because I mentioned rain, know this: we're still gonna be running. Running in the rain is awesome. But that's another post.

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