Wednesday, July 22, 2009

birthdays, running, ouchies

Since there are 350 runners in our group, and most have birthdays, it would be nearly impossible to mention them all. But from time to time, a birthday comes up that screams for a mention.Multiple Marathunner Bobby had a birthday that is a mere 52 weeks short of the big FIVE O. Last Friday night, a few of us ventured into the Blue Dome district to Caz's for a little celebratory eating.
In the pic above, Bobby ponders, "what to eat?"

On one shoulder, the angel says, "Get the salad.... you need to watch your weight... and NOT the BIG salad like you got in the post below!!"

On the other shoulder, the devil says "Dude! Get the chicken fried steak! You know you want it! Come on! It's your birthday!"
Bobby compromised and got the meatloaf.

OMG!! What is going on? Roman and Susan cannot believe their eyes.Oh GAG! TZ is not eating chicken nuggets. Those are Great BALLS of Fire...aka calf fries. Or, it could just be the shock of seeing Coach Kathy in a dress!It was good eating, and fun.

Just hours later, the Saturday morning crew was up and ready for a little run.Mulling around before the run, one runner overshadows Glowstick with an OSU orange beacon. (Michael, be might be Challenging someone for the title.)

Ready to run? I think NOT.

Cassie in cruise mode. (Happy birthday, Cassie!)

Waterhole #1.

What early morning runners get to see and all the sleepy-heads in the world miss.

After the run, we hung around, rehydrated, talked about how cool it was, talked about how cool I was (No, not really!), and planned the rest of the day. A group of TATURS were going to Arkansas to do a trail race, I heard of some golf plans, some lake plans, some lawn mowing plans.
Lovebirds Charlie and Robin were probably doing wedding planning stuff.

Robin had a first this day.

She had a boo boo on her knee from a fall on her run.

Not to be outdone, TATUR Dave shows off a nice blister on his foot. He ended up running his last 3 miles barefoot because this ouchie hurt so bad.

And in another race in another state at a time later in the day, Jason outdoes Tatur Dave's blister by throwing in some blood. More on this race in the Zombie blog.

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