Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun run and the "Eating Club"

I suppose it was business as usual Thursday night at the running store between the restaurants on Peoria. I was late....arriving just as most of the runners were finishing their miles, and found a rare vacant parking space near the store. Yes, a convenient space without an orange cone blocking it. Life is good!

I did get to meet a few new runners, and was happy to take pictures....that's what I do! :-) Ruth introduced me to her friend Dana who was a good sport and let me take her pic only if I promised to not post it. (Did someone forget to tell her I have a bad problem of lying?)

Next, I met Becky. I took three pictures of her and it seemed that the brightness of he sun was messing up the shots, but they actually all turned out good. Twas a learning experience playing with different filters on my camera. Great to have you with us, Becky and Dana!

Bobby came strolling in after 5 miles I think. I was shooting the breeze with him when Sandra announced that she and her guest/student Alyson were going out for 3 miles. I had not ran, and jumped on the prospect of getting a few miles in after all. We then conned Bobby to go out for another run, and away we went! Alyson is from Arizona, tall, red haired, single but has a boyfriend, and is as spirited as her professor Sandra. We had a great time running an easy three.

Caught Yal trucking back after his 6 miles. Looking good, brother!

Since the officiaal "Eating Club" frequently has meetings after the mid-week runs, and since we were hungry, and since despite being hungry, we wanted to eat healthy (what fun is that?), we went to Jason's Deli for salads. Bobby ate extra extra healthy. Hmmm....could Bobby conceivably make a happy plate? Only time would tell.

Sandra, Alyson, Bobby, TZ, and Mrs TZ aka Dana, not the Dana pictured above, held a semi-productive meeting of the "Eating Club". If you felt your ears burning sometime during the hours between 8:00 and 9:00 pm, we were probably talking about you. (It was good....except that stuff about Rock Star Ed.) (And that stuff about ME....that was bad too.) (Hence the "semi" in my description of the said meeting.) So, at her first run and eat-fest with our gang, Alyson got to witness the best and worst of times. The best...has to be the running. The worst, the roast session from Dana and Sandra on who else but poor old TZ. It was stuff that cannot be repeated on a blog that is dedicated to being rated PG. (Funny? Well, it was to them.) But, revenge is an ugly thing. Sandra knows that. She did her best to dodge the skillful and sneaky techniques from the paparazzi, so I will be forced to post only what I was able to capture.Go ahead....hide your face.You've been zombie-fied!!

And finally....did Bobby eat the whole big salad?


Bobby said...

Now that's what I call an eight mile mid-week salad. Even had ice cream afterwards.

Susan Michaels said...

I bet that salad had about 3,000 calories to it. How could that be healthy but Bobby has a healthy appetite so I guess that's where the healthy came in.
I miss the eating club.