Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poker Run, and some back-tracking

After playing cards all night long and refining my poker face, I thought my chances of coming up with a winning hand was good. However, there was a matter of being on time that I botched up, so I got to see the card whizzes finish up their game.
Congratulations to Amanda!! She collected 7 cards like everyone else, but 4 of her cards just happened to be aces. Mom and Dad, keep her away from the casino....she could be dangerous!

After the run, after the cards, Terrie is all smiles. Not sure what her hand was, or what prize she won. I just know Elton John called and wants his glasses back.

Dr. Z is set up and open for business. The latest patient, Mike Stelly (pictured below) proves to be quite the challenge. Let me work on him!Just kidding Mike. I would want you to shower before I manipulated your spine.

Steve and Sloan ran, played cards, and pushed a stroller. Talk about multi-tasking!

The best prize there was free for the taking! One of our runners, Ken Saveth, ran all night one mile for every year of his life (yes, that is 50 miles) and brought a huge birthday cake to share. (Save a piece for T Z!)Coach Kathy is in the early stages of cake withdrawal. This cake had some black icing which turned lips, tongues, and teeth a purplish black. Obviously, she had not yet succumbed to the lure of the cake at the time of this photo.

Finally, I'll back up a few days. Francis, fresh off a win in the Biggest loser competition was awarded the bunny slippers a week or so ago. This past Thursday, he passed them on to Simone.... something about being a pain?? I guess she deserves the slippers for that. :-)
From the looks of it, the bunnies will have some tails to tell this Thursday!!!


Bobby said...

That was some pretty good cake. I hope you got some TZ.

Simone said...

Hey Buddy

Just read the blog I got the Bunny Slippers because I am Francis favorite person and not because I am a pain....

See ya tomorrow.

T Z said...

Oops, I forgot that "favorite person" part!