Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweat 16 X-Stride-A-Ganza

When: Saturday, August 14, 2010 5:45 AM-9:00 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)

Sweat 16 X-Stride-A-Ganza
It’s been a while ago, but memories were rekindled this week when Master Brian summoned the Dom-N-8-RZ 9:51 Brain Trust to his fumy office and told us that our recent antics had earned us a 16 mile training run this Saturday. Just like when I was back in pre-, “special” K, prep, middle, and high schools, and I was routinely “rewarded” (my words, not theirs) with the opportunity to spend some extra time after school in the presence of various persons of authority performing various tasks of manual labor and/or staring contests with a spot on the wall, it’s strikingly obvious when extra terms of endearment are being rendered in my direction. Master Brian shared that our group would be going 9 miles more than the 7 mile outlined course. Clearly we have done something of late to be blessed with nearly 25% more mileage (unaudited approximation – note thut hy-er cypherin’ weren’t won of mine goodester class sujbecx) than the Runners World tribe.
Additionally, our generous Master Brian has insisted that the Dom-N-8-RZ are forbidden to talk to any of the other groups of runners from the start of mile 8 until we return to the Runners World Veteran’s Park Camp site. Logically, he doesn’t want the other runners to get jealous of our extra attention and bonus miles. His compassion is surpassed only by the cuteness of that pouty look he gets when someone snags the last 6 frosted cupcakes from under his grasp.
After a 2 week futbol (soccer to us sophisticated U S of A’ers), we eagerly await the return of Dom Leader Irish Ken to Saturday’s Run. Rumors abound that his re-entry time of 5:45 AM-ish at Veteran’s Park will be met with an imbalanced chorus of cheers and jeers, mostly divided cleanly along partisan lines. Please exhibit some patience as he transitions back from encouraging words of “kick the foot through the ball” and “make the slide tackle look like you were going for the ball by keeping the cleat below the chest” to “move over so I can hurl” and “now why again are we doing 16 miles when others are running 7?”. Either way, don’t be startled from your entranced pre-dawn stagger by the abrupt imitation of a freakish Vuvuzela, or two, or dare we care, three.
It should be another sauna-fest on Saturday, so make sure you load up on plenty of sweat molecules this week.

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