Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 Mile Deja Vu

When: Saturday, February 20, 2010 7:30 AM-8:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Jenks River Walk

Remember 2 short weeks ago when the Runners World Dom-N-8rz 9:51 Marathon Training Group ran an 18 mile training run, starting in Jenks near the River Walk Mall (west side of 96th Street Bridge that crosses the Arkansas River)? Well, it seems that the "eye in the sky" (AKA "Big Brother watchdog") pulled out the feared little red hanky and cried "Fowl", only the meant "Foul". Seems that we were guilty of three infractions.
- First, there weren't nearly enough of our two legged 'Noes and 'Nettes participating that day to qualify under even the most relaxing "majority attending" requirement, much less the more desired and bonus point enabling Super Majority.
- Second, it was accurately recorded, investigated, and judiciously recorded that several of those who participated elected to prematurely turn those Creek trail burning soles in a Westernly directed course - effectively but illegally cutting the goal miles short.
(Interesting Note: The decision to turn was immediately preceeded by a sipping of master mixer Tatur Dave's magical sodium cloride enhanced energy drink - the one that causes disorientation and premature rundistantitis. Alternatively, it could also be the special brew that makes one long for the quickest and shortest distance to the nearest functional and well ventilated creature comfort station. Either way - the net effect was against the rules.
- Finally, and most importantly, the advertised distance of 18 miles turned out to be just a tad bit too short, say 3/4 mile'ish, to qualify as booking in our tattered run logs.

So, after considerable negotiation and a reputation soiling display of crocodile tears, it has been deemed that the appropriate crime fitting punishment is to just "Do It - Again". That's right, another 18 miles, starting at Jenks River Walk Bridge, with a warm up 5 mile loop in Jenks, followed by 13 miles of River Parks/Creek Turnpike Trails. As a bonus concession, we also won the privilege to not have to run so many tortuous miles on flat trails like we did two weeks ago. The fist to face and hair pulling negotiations resulted in an increase in "lumpy miles" along the Creek.

Come early, say 7:43 AM'ish, stay late (as in finish the full 18), and bring an ample supply of "thank you's" to extend to everyone you see who may have had a hand, or tear, in creating this nearly impossible and highly improbable Deja Vu opportunity. The lesson learned is that when life comes at you fast, then slow down if you need, but never, never, never, short those miles.

See you Saturday. The weather forecast is upbeat with predicted early hours of light impairment followed by periods of gradually reducing darkness, unless you take too long to get in the full 18, which will result in persistently decreasing periods of lightness.

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