Monday, May 21, 2012

Bill Ford's "Will Run For Bagels" Training Run

Thanks to Bill and Sheila Ford, who hosted the first annual "Will Run For Bagels" training run in Stillwater on Saturday May 19th. Bill owns the Old School Bagel Cafe Stillwater, and provided the tasty bagels that helped energize the runners throughout the night (baked by Bill himself!). The trail was a 15-mile out and back on the outskirts of Stillwater. About 20 runners enjoyed cool weather from the thunderstorms flanking them but nobody got wet. Everyone had a good run starting 8pm with the last coming in at 4am:

  • A dozen or so of Stillwater's Old School Bagel Couch to 5k group went 3 miles

  • Simone Halstead: 10 miles

  • Sheila Ford says she "only" ran 11 miles

  • Arnold Begay, Candace Brown, Cassie Russell: 15 miles

  • Bill Ford, Ken Childress, Bill Richardson, Deann Deatheredge, Vicky Arterburn, Russell Bennett: 30 miles

  • Kathy Hoover: 33 miles

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Kathy Hoover said...

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