Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hunt is On!

When: Saturday, April 23, 2011 6:45 AM-8:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Peeps Park (21st & Boulder)


It goes without saying (not that I could ever go without saying, as by now everyone reluctantly acknowledges) that we’re all pretty hoppin’ excited about what’s hidden amongst the grasses for us this weekend. There’s likely to be jumping here, bounding there, all sorts of weaving about, with jack rabbit stops and starts, tails bumping close to the ground, noses twitching, and ears standing at attention. Whether the trail guardians are in a giving or taking mood remains a bit of a mystery at this point, but a well prepared and optimistic hunter/gatherer would be advised to bust out the big basket – just in case.
You see, it’s time to shriek out a big HALLELUJAH or two – a time to celebrate. With last week’s long run dutifully charted, recorded, and booked for reflection, we have officially completed our Spring 2011 Marathon Training Program. In fact, rumors are trotting rampant that some of our more geekishly astroidal runnertoids were so bold as to digitally memorialize “my first 24” that was ”accidentally”, but not-so-innocently recorded on outlawed, yet brazenly displayed, garmanistic contraband that were boldly justified as wristerly fashion statements.
Suspicious motives aside, the entire gaggle of Runners World trainiacs are sincerely congratulated for sticking with it, enduring the early morning starts, the early season chills, the unselfish heaping servings of 70% uphills followed by 30% downhills, taking getting lost from a science to a higher art form, dutifully gulping Pretty Boy Brian’s surgically sanitized gatorbrew, and cyphering through the clues to ascertain each week’s starting location and time. Seems like I’m leaving out something else that everyone had to endure, but I can’t for the blog of me quite figure it out, even though it seems so close and directly beneath my fingertips – like it’s almost staring back at me at this very moment. Oh well, maybe it’ll come to me later, but for now I’ll just keep the torture going.
Looking back a bit, it’s almost like we were constantly in search of the perfect trail, the perfect temperature, the perfect running group. Well, zero out of three leaves a lot of room for future opportunity, which is of course the objective of any run leader/leaderette worth his or her salt-clogged pores. Like some famous person may have said, “Always leave them hoping for a better life”, or something to that effect. So for those who aren’t quite sure whether they’re hooked, whether they’re just a tad bit addicted to the perfect run quest, we pose the following: If you’ve ever found yourself suddenly and without warning thrust in the eye of an approaching tornado, and your thoughts immediately go to recognizing how calm the wind is and how the rest of the world seems to be pushed well beyond the circular and revolving wall, and you can only think about how great it would be to go for a run in these conditions, then …. well …. I hate to break it to you so harshly, but yes, you are indeed a certifiable runner – maybe even institutional status.

Hopping along, we’ve got a little marsh hunt planned for this Saturday at Peep’s Park (alias: Veteran’s Park). We’ll be getting our thumpers on at the new old time of eggs-zactly 6:45 AM’ish. And if all goes according to plan, we’ll casually run exactly half the distance during the first part of our run, and then bounce on back for close to the same distance for the return trip, hoping that we end up Dom-N-8RZ-ly close to where we started. Let’s make it a tail-boppin’ challenge – the Hunt is On!
Peeps Rule – carbalicious – the preferred energy chew of all the great marathoners/marathonettes.


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