Monday, September 20, 2010

When: Saturday, September 25, 2010 5:45 AM-9:45 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)

Don’t Over Think It

Firstester, we start this week with an unsolicited call out to the most awesome-est-er Head Coach/Sponsor/Baby Sitter/Treat Meister/Sad Tales Listener/Key Holder/Route Approver/Injury Counselor/”PB” Brian Put’r Up With Him/Shoe advisor/ and General Cheer Leader Runners World Owner Miss Kathy H. Did I say “Awwwwesome!”? If so, then not loud enough. Just one little example of her most awesomeness occurred throughout last Saturday’s training run, where although void of any supplemental help (psst – Brian, are you still out there somewhere? Remember us?), and while held together with strips of fluorescent tape to keep bones from poking through, it was Miss Kathy who kept magically appearing throughout the training run with her refreshing and life-saving fluid replacement elixirs. She single-handedly provided physical and mental encouragement, was among the first to arrive and the last to leave. We RW cads and cadettes know this is SOP for Coach K (and reluctantly true for PB Brian, even though it pains me to say so), and it is all too easy to take for granted all that RW does for us. So, in an all too brief moment of absolute sincerity: Thank You! From all of us - You Rock!

Returning to un-normalcy, we had a few first timers turn 18 – miles that is - last Saturday. Newbies are nearly all growed up, and it happened so fast. With 18 come both privileges and responsibilities. Privileges include the right to vote on important issues such as paper or plastic cups, Gatorade in the left or right jug, decision on whether to park tail in or tail out, and in now being enabled to speak with run leaders without uttering the previously required “Excuse me for interrupting your important thoughts, our most revered and esteemed Run Leader” prior to each ill timed interruption of “Are we there yet?”. Note and reminder to all: Hitting and verbal abuse of Run Leaders/Leaderettes are still forbidden.

As for responsibilities, turning 18 means that you are now expected to actually show up each Saturday morning for our training runs. No more piddly excuses such as my kids this, my spouse that, that funeral or wedding thingy, my job is at risk, got that soccer deal, it’s so early and still too hot, I might need to oversleep, the dog ate my runnin’ sox. After all, we can generally have more offspring and they often won’t remember the specifics of why you didn’t show up at that “once in a lifetime” event, but we all know that you can never, but never again, run a 20 mile training run with near strangers on September 25th, 2010. A specially crafted route of 7 miles, followed by, oh … where did I put that … oh yeah, 13 more miles lay in waiting for our feet to abuse. Remember, no excuses – we’ve come too far and our marathon goals are creeping up all too quickly.

So, I will need to bug out for this week’s run – got that Race 4 the Cure thing going on. It’s a 5K Race, which is kind of like a 20 mile training run since it has all the associated pressure of huge crowds, elbow avoidance, and fighting for half filled cups of warmed over H2O. All things considered, it’s something to ponder – if you think about it.


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