Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Gasp

When: Saturday, April 17, 2010 6:45 AM-8:45 AM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).
Where: Veteran's Park (21st & Boulder)


Short and sticky (what happens when sweet things are left out in the sun) and to the point:
8 mile warm up and final taper tune up for next week’s 10th rendition of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.
All Training Run participants must promise to:

1. Not run Fast
2. Not run Far
3. Not run hilly terrain

And, most importantly, and to help balance all those negative “Not” rules, promise to:

4. Be nice to Run Leaders, with particular emphasis to certain ones
5. Tell Brian that you don’t think he looks all that FAT

Where: Veteran’s Park
Time: 6:45 AM’ish
Forecast: Intermittent Periods of Varying Degrees of Dryness, with the standard probability hedge of plus or minus 50%, give or take.

That’s about it, other than to remember to tie those laces before you start running.

P.S. Remember when it was Freeze Your Tail Off Winter? Seems like it was only a Snake Run ago.
P.S. Part II: It’s been truly a pleasure to get to train with everyone this session. Best wishes to all OK City Memorial Participants. Can’t wait to start this summer’s sultry training madness all over again.
P.S. Part III: Totally, bonafide, without reservation big a@# SHOUT OUT Thank You to Kathy and Brian and all the Runners World Store folks – you all are absolutely the very best.


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