Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Snake is upon us!!

This Saturday we will have the third running of the SIX HOUR SNAKE RUN!!!!
This is a trail race on Turkey Mountain, all on easy trails, very little elevation change, a few rocks, a few roots, but nothing major. The idea is to run for 6 hours and see how far you can go. This year, we have also added a 3 hour competition. There will be awesome trophies for the top 3 male and female finishers in both the 3 and 6 hour divisions. The 1st 150 registrants will get an awesome Adidas tech shirt. (At this posting, the shirts are almost gone.) The course is a windy (snake shaped) trail that goes 2 miles out and back. You'll see runners coming and going all day.
There is an aid station about a mile out--you hit the same station a mile later but from the other side, and then on the way back, the same station again, and then at mile 4, you're at the start/finish where there'll be another aid stop. Turn around and run it again. Boring? Not at all. A lot of peeps who are new to trail running have ran a few loops without realizing they were on the same trail. Many people have swore there were 3-4 aid stations out there, and were amazed that the same people managed to be at all of them.

How far can one go in 6 hours?Mike Adams has won this competition the 1st 2 years, running 41 and 42 miles respectively. Several people have got a marathon distance out of it. (How, you ask, can one get 26.2 miles in 4 mile circuits? Well, near the end of the time limit when you do not have enough time to get another 4 mile out-and-back in before 6 or 3 hours, we'll have 1/2 mile finishing loops on another trail. You can run these 1/2 mile laps--as many as you can squeeze in--and add this mileage to your total.)

Aid stations---there are none better. In years past, there have been brownies, cheesecake, peanutbutter/m&m oreos, hot chocolate, hot soup, chili, burgers, beer, and of course the normal aid station staples.

If you have not signed up, come join us. You can still sign up at RunnersWorld and can also sign up on race day. $25.00 gets you a nice well supported long run on some of the nicest trails in this part of the state.

Oh, and I suppose I need to put out a shameless plea. We are in need of a few more volunteers for the aid station(s). In years past, as the race wore on and people ran what they wanted, a lot of them stayed on and helped out a little. But at the first of the race, we are really in need of a few extra bodies. with 150+ runners hitting the stops in large clusters, it is a little hectic. Once everyone gets spread out a little, it is easier. I will reward my helpers in some way....might be a TATUR shirt or another nice shirt of some sort, but I will take care of ya!
Thanks in advance!

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